Sampling cannot make hard work light

Robert Long recently wrote a blog: Five ways the mind does not solve computationally intractable problems (and one way it does). It summarises a paper that I co-wrote. To be frank, I was a bit jealous of the clarity and conciseness with which Robert laid out the main arguments (it took us 20 pages!). I recommend reading Robert's blog [...]

Can a brain think a finite or infinite number of thoughts?

A few weeks ago, my son Ilaij asked me to post the following poll to twitter: Part of the story was covered by Vox. But several people asked about Ilaij's own answer and motivations. He really wants to share his thoughts, so I decided to write this blog. Let me start with a recap of [...]

Combinatorial trolley problem

Trolley problems are commonly used as thought experiments in philosophy of ethics. One can regularly see new variants come by on Twitter: some are just poking fun, others are bringing the ethical dilemma to new levels of complexity. Recently, the variant below caught my eye. This combinatorial trolley problem seemed interesting from a computational complexity [...]

Water lilies

I posted this imaginary scenario and poll on Twitter. The scenario was inspired by a classic problem used in psychological research on insight problem solving. Here is the classic version of the problem:1 Water lilies double in area every 24 h. At the beginning of summer there is one water lily on the [...]

New Homepage

I decided to dust off my old homepage and to create this new one: The WordPress platform also affords posting blogs. I'm writing this 1st post with the intention to follow up on it with real content in the future. For now, feel free to browse the site to find out more about my [...]